Friday, September 7, 2012

Know What You’re Working With


Binary Coding (0's and 1's) in specific ordering and sequences codes for computer processing
·         Code is processed to be interpreted as graphics or audio
·         Using Binary - command > encoded > decoded > response
Deoxyribonucleic acid (Also known as DNA) [] Uses a code of 4 proteins (A, T, C, & G)
·         Proteins decode and connect sequences of 3 to corresponding proteins
·         Sequence in which the proteins are assembled gives it a 3 Dimensional shape
Moment to Moment Decisions (Yes and No)
·         Determines the shape in which our 3 Dimensional selves travel through the 4th Dimension of time


* Perception determines an individual’s reality
* If you can control your perception, you can construct your reality
* The physical world of matter exists as a fact
* What we understand as the world is based on how we perceive and respond to things that physically exist in the 3rd Dimension as we interact with them moving in the 4th Dimension of time
* We’re aware of things we engage with through one of our 5 physical senses


·         Eyes receive light reflected off objects
·         The structure of molecules and proteins determines how much light is absorbed or cast off
·         Light is cast off in a spectrum that is recognizable by the human eye as different colors
·         Rods and Cones in the back of the eyeball respond to light stimuli and encode the messages to our brain to interpret what shapes and colors we see at various distances
·         The nose responds to particles and molecules with unique shapes as they travel through the atmosphere we breathe in
·         These particles connect with receptors in the nose which causes a chemical reaction our brain recognizes as smell
·         Smell is particularly useful in determining the healthiness of raw food, but through conditioning we learn to associate smells with something we do or do not like such as an item, our environment, on another person
·         As our teeth break up food, saliva breaks down the food to be ingested
·         Different areas of the tongue respond to sweet, salty, or sour molecules
·         Spicy particles lock on to all of the taste buds on the tongue
·         Biologically this tells us what’s good or not to eat by both taste an temperature, which can stop you from ingesting something harmful
·         Atoms make molecules, which make macromolecules and organelles, which make up cells, which make up tissues, which make up organs, which make up organ systems
·         Skin is an organ system, which is embedded with nerves that are sensitive to pressure and heat
·         Certain areas like the lips are specialized tissue which have a heightened sensitivity
·         The immediate trigger from the nerves to the brain can operate seemingly unconsciously and bypass the cognitive system in response to a strong negative stimuli, like setting your hand on a burner, and your body immediately reacts to move away from the dangerous or unfavorable situation
·         The chemical release associated with feelings we enjoy conditions us over time to prolong or repeat those experiences to renew the feeling
·         As 3 Dimensional objects move through the 4th Dimension of time, the motion of their movement creates energy waves being expelled outward
·         Within certain ranges of frequencies our ears can pick up these sounds
·         That is, if the 3 Dimensional object moves or collides fast enough, but not too fast, it is audible
·         The size and strength in which these sound waves move hit our ears and are muffled through hair follicles that protect the inner ear. Then they enter the ear drums where they are chemically encoded to be recognized by our brain as a distinct pitch, frequency, and volume


·         We rely on any combination of our 5 senses to tell our brain what we see, hear, taste, touch, and feel
·         We are constantly being fed stimuli, and cannot pay attention to all of it
·         When one of our senses is inhibited or lessened, we put more emphasis and energy into the channels of our other senses, making them stronger
·         Consciously or subconsciously we focus on stimuli we deem important and pay less attention to incoming data that we believe is less important
·         Our cultural conditioning and life experience find ways to organize and sort through all we perceive as we encounter it, and we base our reaction on prior education or experience in dealing with the matter
·         Over time we process information like this on a seemingly unconscious basis as we learn to routinely move through our 3 Dimensional environment through the 4th Dimension of time

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